Byrd Spilman Dewey was a well-known author, editor and critic in the 19th and 20th centuries. Most of her writings featured stories about her cats and dogs that played such a crucial role in her life. She wrote under at least two pen names, Judith Ray and Judith coverSunshine, for much of her magazine writing in such publications as Good Housekeeping and The Christian Union. She also wrote for The Tropical Sun and the Lake Worth Weekly News, the first two newspapers published in Palm Beach County when it was still a part of Dade County. She published two books, a serialized novel, numerous magazine and newspaper articles, and short stories she self-published in pamphlet form.





Bruno, 1899
The Blessed Isle and its Happy Families, 1907
From Pine Woods to Palm Groves, 1909

Short Stories and Essays:

Peter the Tramp
Romance of Old Lake Worth Days
Who Seeks Finds
The Tale of Satan
Flying Blossom
O Youth Eternal
Rebecca: A Postscript
Back Home

Magazine Articles:
On Toast
At Other People’s Convenience
Our Perfect Home
The Wall Furniture in Our Perfect Home
The Tyranny from the Other Side
A Suitable Christmas Present
A Village Tragedy
You Ought to Know
Some Bird Notes
We are Ready for Vote

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